General Conditions of Sale

Article 1 : Object
General conditions of sale described after detail the rights and obligations of Airsport in the scope of merchandise’s sale offered in the shop section of the website www.airsport – shop.com ( material and accessories… ) special conditions apply to made-to-measures projects (see below)

All transactions applied on the website of AIRSPORT (Siret number: 820 003 226 00017) imply the total adhesion of the buyer to these general conditions of sale.
Article 2 : Product presentation
The characteristic of the products offered to the sale are shown on our e-boutique. The pictures shown for the products do not enter into the contractual Field. AIRSPORT responsibility is not on engaged if some mistakes have been introduced. All texts and images presented on the website www.airsport-shop.com are reserved, in the entire world, as author rights and intellectual property; there reproductions, even partly, is strictly for bidden except if AIRSPORT authorize it.
Article 3 : Validity lengths of sale offers
Most of the products will be offered to sell until none left in stock. In case of a product no more available, the client will be informed of his unavailability, directly on the product presentation or as fast as possible by email.
Article 4 : Product prices
AIRSPORT has the right to modify its prices at any time. All products ordered will be billed on the price registered at the time of the order. Our e-shop give prices in euros VAT included.
Postage fees will be later explained.
In case of an obvious typographic mistake, conducting in the showing of a ‘false price’, the sale can be cancelled. In case of a different interpretation between ‘false price’ and ‘low price’, regarding the price presented on the website at the time of the client order, this one may ask for an intervention of a third, as provided for by the article ‘legal warranty’.
Please do note that for some countries custom fees, taxes of all sorts can be asked, which do not appear on the total price.
Country available for postage:
France Metropolitan and Corsica
EU countries and Switzerland
French overseas departments and territories.
For any other countries, do not hesitate to contact us to check the availability.
Article 5 : Order
The client order is validated wants definitely confirmed after having checked and accepted our current condition of sale. Before this validation, it will be systematically offer to the client to verify every element of his order; this way he can correct any eventual mistake.
AIRSPORT confirm the order we is an email, this email will resume all elements of the order and the client right of withdrawal.
The data registered by AIRSPORT are the proof of the nature, the content and the date of the order.
In fact the double-click associated to the procedure of ID checking, and the non-withdrawal of the client while ordering and the acceptation of the current contractual conditions hold for validation of the order and agreement of the contract, according to the disposition of article 1369-5 of the civil code.
Article 6 : Terms of Payments
The payment of orders is made by PayPal or credit card. While registering the order, the buyer have to pay the full amount of the order.
Payment by credit card:
Once the order confirmed, your reach the payment stage and the writing off your bank details:
– You can pay online with confidence by typing at the appropriate places: card number, expiry date, security code located at the back of the card.
– By paying with credit card, the payment is made on the website off our partner bank.  The payment by credit card is perfectly secure. You order we will then be registered after exhibition of payment by the bank service. An additional security code will be asked. Details of your credit card printed thanks to SSL protocols (Secure socket layer) and do not pass through clear web. The payment is directly made with the bank.
AIRSPORT never have any access to your details and do not keep them on its servers. That is why they are asked each time you wish to make a transaction with our website.
In case of a withdrawal of your order, the credit card used for your purchase will be credited or a check will be sent to you.
Article 7 : Delivery
All products are delivered with no time guarantee. Orders are sent with follow-up letter by Colissimo without signature. The time limit of delivery depends on the address and the product. For an address in France Metropolitan, Time set is from the date of payment between four and 15 days. For all other destinations, from day of payment: between 12 days and one month. AIRSPORT declines all responsibility in case of delay or last of the parcel while being transported.  The client will have to contact directly the company who have done the transport for any reclamation. The Cost of postage depends on the country of delivery, the size of the order and the choice of delivery.
Nota: if you have a special enquiry about the date of delivery, it is best to contact us by email before ordering to check on the possibility of this delivery.
Article 8 : After sales service, return policy and complaint
Legal guarantee:
The current contract is under French law, in accordance with the European instructions. It is so for all the rules: Substance and form. In case of litigation, companies will first try an amicable solution. This research of an amicable solution does not stop the delay to act in warranty. In any other case, only the Court of Paris is competent. According to articles L 211-4 and followings of the consumption code, and articles 1641 and 1648 from the civil code, the user can also send back products, delivered faulty.
-Article L211-4 consumption code
-Article L211-5 consumption code
-Article L211-12 consumption code
-Article 1641 civil code
-Article 1648 civil code
AIRSPORT is responsible for the good execution of its obligation resulting from the distance contract concluded. These obligations to be carried out by itself or by subcontractors, without harm of its right to appeal against them. On the other hand, AIRSPORT can’t be hold responsible for the failure in carrying out the contract because of the arise of a force majeure event (referring to the law) and more specifically in case of a complete or partial strike of postal services, hauler or disaster caused by flood or fire. This limitation of responsibility also refers to the failure in carrying out the contract because of an unpredictable and insuperable of a third party supplying these provisions of service.
For any information, question or complain, the client can contact AIRSPORT through the contact form in the website, using its order number as a reference for his email.
If you are not satisfied with your order, you have 14 days from the day you received your parcel to ask for your refund.
You will find below the detailed conditions of your retraction right:
You will then have to send back the parcel at your cost to AIRSPORT boutique ( 36 rue Delambre – 75014 Paris) before being refund through PayPal ( if you used it for your purchase) or your credit card ( if you used it for your purchase).
The return will be accepted in the following cases:
– article in sales: No
– article ordered made to measure: No
– article arrived damaged: Yes
– article damaged by you: No
– article not conform to the order: Yes
Article 9 : Satisfied or Refund
The client has 14 clean days from the day of delivery to return the product, at his cost. The refund of the amount paid will be returned by credit card used for the purchase or PayPal within 30 days, starting from the day of the delivery back of the order or by the cancellation of the buyer or the seller. However, damaged returned products because of the buyer will not be refund.
Article 10 : Confidentiality Policy
Clients shopping on www.airsport-shop.com are secure. AIRSPORT commit itself to its clients and visitors to guarantee the confidentiality of their private information. Please find below our different points of confidentiality:
Volatile nature of the data collected by www.airsport-shop.com
In the aim to treat clients orders, www.airsport-shop.com (named after the site) has to be able to know and memorize some data transferred from your computer. To succeed in this task we need to know who you are (ID information) and which products you are buying.
Protection of personal data
As a commercial site, www.airsport-shop.com registers some personal data necessary to treat orders, delivery or invoicing addresses, for example. The site uses this information with highest confidentiality, therefore the automatic treatment of nominative information on the site has been declared to the CNIL (national commission of IT and liberties). We commit ourselves to keep confidential your personal data and to never transfer them to third companies unless having received before your agreement.
Bank information about you is under the same rules.
We remain at your disposal should you have any further requires.
Article 11 : Specific conditions for products purchase realized made to measure
AIRSPORT offers an option « made to measure » allowing users to get sails or outfits made to measure to practice their sport.
The buyer is invited at the time of the order to make a down payment, which will never be refundable, even in case of a change of mind from the client regarding measures or finishing once the order registered.
A confirmation of this specific information will be asked by writing before the launch of production, by email. The agreement of the client by email will have value of proof in case of a dispute with AIRSPORT.
In case of the realization of the product to be impossible (ex: material or color asked to be out of stock at the supplier), the buyer will be informed by email, and in case of a non-agreement of an alternative for the project, the order would be cancelled and refunded within 14 days according to our refund policy.

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